About Us

Our Mission

As one of the leading healthcare providers in Ontario, Pathway Physiotherapy’s mission is to help our patients get the best treatment and achieve optimal health. We want to see our patients restore the strength and mobility they lost due to acute and chronic pain injuries. Our team of licensed and experienced health professionals aim to deliver the highest quality of care.

In order to fulfill our corporate mission, Pathway Physiotherapy has developed and implemented a strategic treatment approach that specifically addresses each patient’s need. We understand that each individual experiences different levels of pain, and every injury differs in nature from person to person. But no matter what kind of treatment and plan of action we use, we make sure that each of our patients receives the best treatment possible for a speedy and comfortable recovery.

Pathway Physiotherapy does not stop at providing healthcare services. But we also have programs designed to educate our patients and people in the community. We make every effort to provide a warm and friendly environment, so our patients can get the care they deserve.