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Chiropractic is a type of therapy that focuses on the nervous system's role in maintaining and restoring health.

Chiropractor Oakville focuses on how structure (mainly the spine) affects function (as coordinated by the nervous system) and how this relationship influences health preservation and restoration.

At Chiropractic Clinic Oakville, we believe that chiropractic care is a valuable part of maintaining and restoring health.

We offer various services to our clients designed to improve the function of the nervous system. Our goal is to help our clients live healthier, happier lives.

Chiropractic services include:

Spinal Manipulation

One of the most common chiropractic services is spinal manipulation, also known as a "crack." It involves applying pressure to the joints in the spine to realign them. It can often provide relief from pain and improve range of motion. However, it's important to note that spinal manipulation is not suitable for everyone, and it's always best to consult a qualified chiropractor before undergoing this treatment.

Muscle stimulation

Muscle stimulation is another typical chiropractic service. It involves using electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles and help them relax. It can often provide relief from pain and improve range of motion.


Exercise is part of a chiropractic treatment plan. It is because exercise can help strengthen the muscles and improve the range of motion. Pain Clinic Oakville helps to reduce pain and improve overall health.

Dietary Management

A healthy diet is an essential part of maintaining good health. At Oakville Chiropractic Centre, we can provide you with dietary advice and recommendations that can help you make the necessary changes to your diet.


Many people think of chiropractic care as a way to treat back pain, but chiropractors provide many different services. One of these is ergonomics, which studies how people interact with their environment.

Ergonomics can help people design safer and more efficient workspaces to improve posture and reduce stress. 

Pelvic stabilization

Many women experience pelvic pain during pregnancy, often alleviated with chiropractic care.

Pelvic stability is a chiropractic treatment that may help you feel better and have greater mobility.

Patient education

At pathway physiotherapy clinics, we believe that education is an integral part of care. We offer a variety of educational resources to our clients, including information on diet, exercise, and posture. 


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We offer various services designed to improve the function of the nervous system and help our clients live healthier happier lives. Contact us immediately to book an appointment.

We look forward to helping you achieve your health goals!

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